Welcome to my Commissions info! I would strongly recommend you to read the Terms of Service before starting a commission :)

  • Style #1 : Semi Lineless

The first style is semi lineless! It’s mainly based with the shapes and colour contrasts ^^

Offered in two format : Half Body - 45$ ||or|| Full Composition - 80$

** Please note that if you have extra characters, if the illustration is more complex or if it’s a nsfw artwork, the price will vary and therefore, will need to contact for a more precise quotation :> 

Style #2 : Line Art

The second style with line art ! Since there is many kind of work I did with this kind of rendering, I splitted the prices in a grid that reads like this :> 



Half Body

Full Body

Sketchy Line Art




Sketch/ Monochrome




Flat Colors




Fully Rendered




** Please note that if you have extra characters, if the illustration is more complex or if it’s a nsfw artwork, the price will vary and therefore, will need to contact for a more precise quotation :> 

Style #3 : Dakimakura

Hey hornies! (jk) I also decided to open the Dakimakura Commission. Each commission includes 1 Big Dakimakura (150 x 50cm), 1 mini keychains and comes with tracked Shipping!!

The prices are as below: 

Single Sided - 275$ ||or|| Double sided - 350$

You can get a discount if the character drawn : 

  • is a male (-10$ off)
  • is a furry/ monster (-15$ off)
  • If i can resell the design after (-25$ off)

Extras can be added : 

  • If its nsfw ( +25$ / each sides)
  • extra keychains ( +10$ /each)
  • extra Daki (50$ / each)

** Time Delay is 2 weeks for the art, 2 weeks for manufacturing and 2-4 weeks for shipping to your house^^ so about 1-2 months delays orz 

*** most prices are negotiable in case of complexity or extra in the designs.


Style #4 : Others that doesn’t fit 

Here’s the rest of the things I can do! 

Each button pin commission includes 2 pins/ designs and shipping :)

Character pins: 1 designs for 20$ - 3 designs for 40$

Semi Chibi Characters **rendered and colored : 

30$ for Icon and 40$ Full Body


I will draw : Fanart - Oc - nsfw - furry - fruity

I won’t draw : Old folks, mecha , armors 


Once we agree on the commission, please send :

-Character references

- Character personality

- Poses ( either draw a stickman, send references or describe it well)

Those are not mandatory HOWEVER they do help a lot to be on the same page.

Check out my portfolio here

♡ Terms of Service ♡

Have any questions? Please contact me on instagram, twitter or by email^^ !
By purchasing, you are agreeing to these terms!


  1. After commissions are accepted, a minimum payment of 50% is required before starting the commission.

  1. I am always willing to make edits if something needs to be corrected! If these edits were due to an unclear reference, or you would like something changed or added that was not stated prior, there may be a fee before I can make edits! (EX : Traditional reference without digitized colors, but you’d like the commission edited to have different colors than what was provided.)

  1. You may repost my artwork with proper credit and a link back to the original piece! Please do not edit the piece without asking me first!

3.5. Please do not use my art for commercial uses. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, a special quote will be given :>

  1. 4I have the right to deny any commission, and may upcharge the commission if the request is more complex!

    I send sketches out for approval! If you have any edits, please let me know at that time! After you approve, chances are it’s going to be too late in the process to make any major changes without a charge. Smaller items (like sketches/headshots/ect) do not get sketches sent out unless requested!

  1. 6. Please feel free to contact me whenever! I will be more than happy to chat with you about your commission and let you know how it is going~


    Where can I check progress for my commission?

 Give me a chat! I will gladly let you know whenever I work on your piece. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to shoot me a note! I’d be happy to clarify :D

  However it is worth mentioning that smaller commissions are usually almost always done in one sitting! Due to this, sketches usually are not sent out for approval.

↳  Just as a general note, I am a uni student with a part time job so i can be a little slow sometimes. However, everything is still done in a short time period.♡